Aug 11

Apple, now Tesla..What’s up with all these stock splits?

First Apple [stock_quote symbol=”AAPL” show=”symbol”], now Tesla [stock_quote symbol=”TSLA” show=”symbol”]? Another stock split?? Tesla announced today they are going to do a five-for-one stock split. Immediately, Tesla shares rose more than 6% in post-market trading even though the stock split changes nothing fundamental about the stock. So, whats up with all these stock splits? Why […]
Apr 9

Become a PREMIUM BRAND and Never Compete on Price.

A commodified service or product is one that can ONLY compete on price, and competition will eventually drive the business’s revenue towards one-direction—down. Generally, almost every business faces the threat of becoming a commodity on a daily basis. Premiumisation is the practice of establishing quality and uniqueness for a particular brand or business and in the process creating a premium product […]